Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cookie Dough FAQ's

Your students have lots of great information in their heads about the cookie dough sale, but here are a few frequently asked questions and answers:

1. When does the cookie dough come in?

It will come in sometime after Thanksgiving break but before Christmas break. We will let you know the exact date as soon as we know.

2. Will my child be able to take it on the bus? No. You will have to come pick it up or arrange to have someone pick it up for you.

3. When does the fundraiser end? November 8.

4. Why cash and not checks?

Every year we lose around $1000 of our fundraiser money due to bad checks- cash is an easy way to avoid that.

5. If they do write a check who should they make it out to?

Piedmont Band Boosters. Also make sure to write your child's first name and grade in the memo portion of the check.

6. When is money due?

All money is due 1 week after delivery of the cookie dough. Students are welcome to turn in the money with their order form on November 8.

7. How do I turn in money?

Please place all money in a sealed envelope with your students name and how much money is in the envelope labeled on the outside. NO FUNDS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNLESS THEY ARE IN AN ENVELOPE.

I believe that's all the questions we normally get asked. If you have a question that your child can't answer or I have not addressed, please feel free to email Mrs. Vitulli or Mr. Lukac and ask.


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